Jim Reeves, Jr.

36.19.19N 119.20.01W - Visalia, California, USA

Below is a current image of my APRS screen.

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The following is a list of all the stations heard on RF in the past 60 minutes.

'+' or '-' before a callsign means that it it is a UI-View station
'*' after a callsign means that it was heard via a digi

The list only includes callsigns heard on RF, direct or via digipeaters. It does not include callsigns heard on the internet, or heard as third-party RF traffic via IGATEs. You can search for other callsigns by inputting them in the box below and clicking the Search button.


There are 22 callsigns in the list, click a callsign to get an information page for that station

CallsignSymbolLocation MilesBearingLast heard
 K6IXA-3*WX Station36.44.13N 118.51.55W39.043Mar 22 15:15
 KB7SAT-1*Digi36.15.87N 115.12.91W229.890Mar 22 14:55
 KE6CAC*Kenwood38.24. N 121.27. W184.7322Mar 22 14:58
 KE6FOA-3*WX Station37.24.39N 120.50.67W112.3312Mar 22 14:58
 KJ6LEO-9*Truck37.48.68N 121.39.89W164.8309Mar 22 15:02
 KJ7ETZ-12*HF Gateway36.06.93N 115.07.57W235.492Mar 22 14:48
 KK6YHQ*Car33.45.80N 117.29.47W204.8149Mar 22 15:08
 KN6YHF*Home (HF)37.47.77N 121.53.92W174.5306Mar 22 15:13
 KN6YLD*Yacht34.25.93N 118.32.26W137.6161Mar 22 14:40
 N6VYT-10Digi36.17.23N 118.50.23W27.895Mar 22 15:14
 N6VYT-6(S) Digi36.30.92N 119.12.68W15.127Mar 22 15:07
 N6VYT-7Digi35.51.01N 118.34.35W53.5127Mar 22 15:14
 W3ISZ-1*(S) Digi35.35.01N 117.40.51W105.9118Mar 22 14:16
 W6ABJ-6*Car37.37.07N 121.08.84W134.4312Mar 22 15:12
 W6CX-3*(1) Digi37.53.56N 121.53.96W178.4308Mar 22 14:44
 W6MIN*Car34.13.52N 118.31.96W151.2162Mar 22 15:14
 W6PWM*Kenwood34.29.14N 118.38.20W132.4163Mar 22 15:02
 W6QPA-1*Home35.25.02N 118.51.55W67.7157Mar 22 14:32
 W6WDS-9*Home33.41.24N 116.58.07W225.6143Mar 22 15:06
 WA6LDQ-3(N) Digi35.09.83N 118.34.81W90.2152Mar 22 15:13
 WA6MHA-11*WX Station34.10.50N 118.28.90W155.4162Mar 22 15:05
 WI6RE-1*(S) Digi35.28.69N 117.42.03W108.4122Mar 22 14:49

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