Hello and welcome!

For my Facebook page (where I mostly live on the Internet), go to Facebook.com/kc6yru.

For my Twitter feed, go to Twitter.com/kc6yru

For my Instagram feed, go to www.Instagram.com/kc6yru.

For my HAM radio pages, go to KC6YRU.NET/KC6YRU

For my APRS page, go to KC6YRU.NET:3823

You can follow my APRS equipped mobile on that link, under KC6YRU-1. You can also see it on Findu.com, here.

For my personal blog page, go to Jimmiejoe.com

For my archived Alternating Currents blog, (which originally appeared at the Visalia Times Delta's community blogger pages), go to AlternatingCurrents.net.

In 2006, I went on a road trip. Here's a diary, with pictures.

In 2007, the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center I worked in was upgraded. Want to see some pictures?

Email me at Jim.Visalia@gmail.com or KC6YRU@gmail.com

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